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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Dam Store...

We saw this little store on our trip in Michigan.  This store was right near a dam we were on our way to see, hence the name.   

David was driving and taking us to different areas of the dam and kept saying, "this is the dam...(insert point of interest)."  You get the picture...well, after a little while Graham was frustrated and bored and said, "Where are we going now!?"  I heard Gracie say to him, "We going on the dam hike"  
I tried not to laugh too hard, but really so funny!
I don't think she even knows what she had said (:
 Gracie on the hike
 David and I trying to cut a piece of lumber for fun?!
 Julia and Reuben on the .... hike
 David running down

Graham and I

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  1. I just showed Greg this post and he got a good laugh too!! So so funny. :)